Thursday, June 04, 2009

Friday 5/29

Breakfast is blueberry pancakes, ham and fried eggs. Very tasty!

Off to the race track! It’s about 45 miles away, all freeway, mostly 75mph and some 65mph. I’m on new tires, so glad the roads aren’t too challenging. Need the first 100 miles or so to break them in!

Since its Friday, and just the preliminary stuff, there weren’t many people at the track. We sat in the wrong grandstands. No one asked for tickets or anything. We ate a packed lunch of summer sausage and cheese and crackers. Totally satisfactory.

I signed up for a ride! Called a “2-up” ride, for $75 ex-professional racers take you around the track with you on the back. These happened to be the instructors at the super bike school we took a couple years ago – Nick Ienatsch and Ken Hill. They cleverly orchestrated a race, with passing on the inside and outside at serious speeds well over 100mph. It’s amazing to me that people don’t fall off – it’s hard to hang on to the Yamaha R1 without disrupting the pilot! I got two laps and was just thrilled!

Brian doesn’t like the 2 up rides – he prefers to be in control of the bike he is on! I’m glad, because then he was able to get us out of a little predicament. We locked our gear onto our bikes using cable locks. The helmets were attached to B’s handle bar with a short gun safety cable lock – perfect size for this task! Unfortunately, we lost the key. So he borrowed some dikes from the Ducati folks to cut through the cable and release the helmets. Fortunately, the 2-up rides come complete with all the gear, including Aria helmets and Alpinestar leathers. This ride was one of the great highlights of this vacation for me!

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