Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baker City

We arrived in Baker City around 7pm and had dinner with Jim and Penny. Even though we just saw them a couple of weeks ago I didn't mind seeing them again :-O

We decided to count the number of motorcycles we saw today (either "moving" or parked in a spot where they probably still had warm motors -- not bikes for sales, in driveways etc.). The total was 107.

Seven of these bikes were at a gas station in John Day and we chatted them up. It was a group of guys from Las Vegas. I heard one of them mention "Gustavo". How many can there be?

"I know a Gustavo" I said... turns out it is the same guy. I've only met him once or twice but he's on a group that I exchange e-mails with: OBS (Oregon Biker Scum).

We left the house at 11:11 and it was mostly cloudy and 58 degrees. We took Hwy 20 through Sisters, then through Prineville, Redmond, Mitchell... It got as warm as 88.

During the last 40 miles or so we were wearing our rain jackets due to threatening skies. It never really rained but the pavement was wet and lots of cars had their wipers going. The temp dropped down 54.

We're spending the night at a Best Western in Baker City and have just finished "re-packing". We've never been gone for two weeks so we're learning as we go. Our dinner companions took a many-month long motorcycle trip last year so we played 20 questions with them tonight. We got some good information.

We also discovered that we will have to detour tomorrow. One road that we wanted to take is still covered in snow.

Tomorrow it's off to Enterprise, Lewiston... then spend the night in Orofino, Id. We'll be on Hwy 3 in SE Washington (Rattlesnake Rd). It's the second best road that we've ever ridden.

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