Thursday, June 04, 2009

Monday 6/1

Final breakfast included French toast, bacon and fruit.

Although we left Hansen House at 10:30, we didn’t actually leave the city until about 11:45. We stopped at Walgreens for some supplies and Best Buy for a new IPOD Nano. Since I will eventually inherit it, B bought it in purple!

The first part of the route we had planned was still closed due to snow, so we put on more freeway miles than we prefer. Actually, we prefer NO freeway miles! This shortened our planned 380 mile day to about 345 miles. It was great to be riding again even though there was hardly an corner to be had for about the first 200 miles.

It drizzled on us, then threatened to rain, then we got some showers, then an actual down-pour. It was so wet, my microphone shorted out. I could hear B, but he couldn’t hear me. Thankfully we have good rain gear. We arrived the Best Western in Idaho Falls about 7:15. We were thrilled to see the Brownstone brew pub just down the block in walking distance and had dinner. Pretty good stuff – but I ordered way too much food.

We saw lots more BFHs, many of them were log homes. Log homes are a big deal in this part of the country. A lot of them faced the freeway or highway – I don’t really understand that when they could be facing beautiful mountains and rivers! We’ve seen lots of beautiful scenery, but this day was too much straight and wet roads. We were in high elevations, mostly in the mile+ category and as high as 7,000’. SKF: 56.6 mph, 51.1mpg, 348 miles.

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