Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tuesday 6/2

We left Idaho Falls around 10:45 at 56 degrees and headed to Hamilton MT. We thought we were going to go through the mountains, and we did, but with only about 3 curves – the rest was all straight! We went as fast as we could. The first part of the day was very wet, but it dried out as we headed north. We had a nice lunch in Salmon at a local burger joint. We arrived at the Best Western around 5:50. Bitterroot Brewing was just a block away. A very friendly place with really good beer. We sat outside drinking beer and playing cribbage while B smoked a cigar. This time he beat me. I guess it was his turn for a change!

SKF: 66.1mph, 47mpg, 305 fast miles. I guess we don’t get the good gas mileage when we go that fast!

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