Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wednesday 6/3

We leave Hamilton MT around 11am and head back through Lolo pass to Orofino, ID. To stay at the Best Western we stayed at on the way over and really liked it. We got the same room with the river view and stayed 2 nights.

The ride is just gorgeous and the weather is perfect if not a bit warm. We take it easy and stop at several of the historic markers describing Lewis & Clark expedition events and observations. B decides to take some pictures and video, so we figure out ways to strap the video camera on his bike. There is some construction on Hwy 12, but the flaggers are very kind to us, allowing us to sneak ahead of the line. We arrive Orofino around 4pm – we’re back in standard time! We have dinner at the restaurant on premise and all is very good.

We happen to hit Mayfly season! They accosted us on the road – it seemed to be raining bugs! Big, wet, sloppy bugs. At the restaurant, we would have sat outside but these bugs were so thick it would have been hard to breathe. We looked them up on the web and learned that they don’t live very long and only swarm for about a week. This is the end of the week for them!

SKF: 305 miles, sighted 2 elk, 56.8mph, 48mpg, temps reached 90 but hovered around 80 most of the day. This was the only travel day this trip that we did not experience any moisture (except the Mayflies).

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