Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thursday 6/4

This will be our final post.

We wake up around 8:15 after a good nights sleep. They serve a decent breakfast here, including eggs and sausage. We decide we’re going to try to leave early tomorrow and go all the way home in one day. About 580 miles – much longer than we’ve attempted in years. We spend the day sitting on the deck drinking Bitterroot Brewing beer that we bought the night before, playing games, putting pictures on the web and writing this. One of the employees here let us borrow her fan, which kept us reasonably cool on the deck. It’s just too nice here to sit inside and the fan made sitting on our personal deck perfect. The Mayflies came out in the late afternoon but are much fewer today than yesterday. It was a very relaxing day and we needed it!

 Thanks for reading!

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